Ten Reasons

  1. Trust and integrity. I’m your go-to guy; the guy you call first.
  2. I see the big picture and the little connections. I will help you identify and put the puzzle pieces together to help your project or business thrive.
  3. I’m a connector. When you hire me, you get access to my entire network. If I can’t solve your problem, I know who can.
  4. I’m all about measuring performance. What is your website doing for you? How is your training affecting employee performance? What can you do to simplify, improve, and measure, so you know what to do next?
  5. I’m a geek. I love testing new gadgets, software, and processes so you don’t have to.
  6. People love working with me. I think you will, too.
  7. I’m flexible. I can work on your schedule, at your pace, and within any budget.
  8. I ask the tough questions. We’ll get to the root of your problems, and then start solving them.
  9. I care about user experience for all users. Administrators, developers, designers, learners. Everyone involved should have a great experience. Let’s design it together.
  10. I love a challenge. I’d love to talk about yours!

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