This Week in Browsing #009

Kurt Vonnegut’s Eight Rules for Writing a Short Story

Deadwood, the Movie

Yes! This show deserved many more seasons.

“Every once in a while it’s a lot, but if I don’t feel overwhelmed and I feel like we have enough time to do everything, then yeah, I find it really stimulating and invigorating. I’m pretty good at compartmentalizing, in a non-sociopathic way.”

GQ: Seth Rogen and the Science of Rogenomics

Five everyday items originally designed to help people with disability

“There are around ten times as many people who use screen magnifiers than screen readers. However, focus always seems to fall on screen readers in accessibility discussions and guidelines. Let’s change that!”

“So, when you’re creating a new brand, don’t stress over having People will find you. Instead, find a URL that you can register for normal rates and move on. Focus on what matters most: your brand.”

The Internet Matters. URLs Don’t – A Hundred Monkeys

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