This Week in Browsing – #005


Color/Colour Blindness Simulator


Live in Days, Work in Months
“Plan to work in months and you will set yourself on a path to not only working in months, but also to vactioning and travelling in months.” 
I dig this idea.

Key Lessons [in Delegation]
You can’t achieve growth without help. Delegating is something we all need to learn, but especially entrepreneurs. Giving up control is hard. VERY hard. But it has to be done to achieve success.


Interesting budget app. I’m always trying new ways to be better about managing finances. This is next on my list.

You want to automagically move money to savings for me? Sure!


Fun and Useful Vinyl Storage Ideas (Buzzfeed)
Earlier this year, I bought my first turntable and vinyl records (Shovels and Rope FTW). Don’t laugh. I’m in the lost generation between Generation X and Millenials. I was all about the cassette tapes and CDs when I got into music. Regardless, I dig listening to vinyl, and my dad gave me his collection, so now I’m in the market for a storage/table hack. If you have any ideas, post a comment.


The Kangaroo Mobile Windows 10 Computer
Plug and play, pocket-sized desktop computer for $99. Worth a look.


Torque Mag’s Best Free WordPress Plugins of 2015 (So Far)
Excellent list. I’m using several of these for various client projects.

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    • Thanks Philip. I saw many Kallax posts when I did some searching. I like that option a lot. I ended up with a really nice oak table I found at a charity thrift shop and it’s perfect for me right now.



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