This Week in Browsing – #004

User Experience

The Unsubscribe Experience Needs To Be Improved
Absolutely. Don’t hide it. Don’t make me “update email preferences”. Just let me leave. I’m going to leave anyway, so why make my experience painful upon departure? That just guarantees I’ll never come back.


You Need Help
Indeed. We all try to control every aspect of our lives, because we like control. But allowing others to jump in and do what they’re best at will improve your life or business. Let them help.

Meet someone new each month. Interesting concept to connect people. I signed up.


Vector Lightsabers. You’re welcome.

Social Good

I Witness Bullying
Excellent. Share this with your kids, their teachers, and friends and family.

Ending Your Fear of Rejection
I met Jia right before he went on stage at World Domination Summit a few summers ago. I didn’t know he was the keynote. He was humble and shared some stories with me. I was greatly moved by his keynote and became to overcome some of my own fears by seeking out rejection. I need to go through another round of “rejection therapy” as I’m still not asking for what I want as much as I should. Most of the time, the answer will be yes.


These are all medical related this week because I’ve seen some amazing things come across my interwebs where technology is improving lives.

Nima: portable gluten tester

A device that immediately identifies concussions

Wing: an app and sensor to help with asthma


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