This Week in Browsing – #003


The Simple Floating House
Nice. Simple. Efficient.


Design Disruptors
A documentary about how design became the new language of business.

Nima Gluten Sensor
I have several friends who suffer from celiac disease. This might be good for them, and others.


Search for flights or check out a scheduled flight to see their happiness score and get a nice breakdown of the plane, amenities and seat tips.

Work Smarter

Nobody Cares How Hard You Work
This. So. Much. This. “To reach creativity heaven, though, you’ll need a different approach—one that prioritizes doing the right things, not just lots of things.”

Commuting Kills
As a remote worker both in a corporate environment (ask me how I did it) and as a home-based entrepreneur, I no longer have a commute. It’s marvelous to get that time back, save on gas, and keep my carbon footprint down a bit.

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