Take My Money: Transmit 5

First things first. Go buy this. Now. It’s $10 off ($35) for just a few more days.

transmit purchase form completed with Brian Dusablon and Duce Enterprises, LLC showing $35 sale price

What is Transmit?

Transmit is one of those apps, and Panic is one of those companies, where I rarely even read the actual feature list for a new version of their software. I just buy it. They make such amazing products that just work, have amazing customer support, and are extremely generous with their updates. (Zero upgrade fees in SEVEN years for Transmit 4!)

Panic simply makes excellent products. Transmit is one I use almost daily for managing websites and moving files to my Amazon S3 archives. Now, they’ve added Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Backblaze and much more.


This is one of those apps that I’d happily pay three, four, or five times as much for. The time savings and price per use is so minimal for such a wonderful user experience.

transmit welcome screen showing the famous truck icon and new servers and speed boosts

If you need a simple, fast Mac OS file transfer tool, look no further! Transmit has been, and still is, the best.

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