Terrible Website Designs: Forcepoint

A colleague recently joined this company, and I saw the notification on LinkedIn. I’d never heard of them, so I decided to check out their website. Yikes! It also scores only a 78% over at https://webaccessibility.com.

Oy. There’s a lot happening here. Are y’all as tired of popup text bots as I am? There is no reason for all of this clutter here. Don’t do this, people!

A screenshot of the Forcepoint website, with callouts pointing out bad design elements like too many popups overlaid onto of an image of a human and needlessly scrolling text.

Mobile is much better. Why make it worse for desktop users?

Screenshot of Forcepoint's mobile site, with simple text stacked and a closed chatbot icon.

Design for mobile first; yes! But don’t add crap to your site for larger screens! Whitespace is okay!

Avoid design mistakes like this. I can help.

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