Why I Strive for Project Variety

I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to work with a variety of people and organizations on a wide range of projects.

My current project list looks a little something like this:

The Duce Project Board
The Duce Project Board

Included in this list:

  • Global learning portal project for an NGO
  • A WordPress blog for a friend and colleague
  • Collaboration on a philanthropy solution with MakingBetter
  • Business Model Canvas work with my State Farm agent
  • A WordPress membership platform for an association
  • SmugMug support and setup for a friend and local photographer
  • Process improvement for a local machine shop
  • Business/Personal coaching for a colleague/friend

What I love about this list is that I get to play in a lot of different areas, and succeed at helping these people and organizations simplify, improve and perform. Most of these projects have also allowed me to collaborate with friends and colleagues and experts – bringing the right people to the table not only helps my clients get the best solutions but also helps me learn and grow.

Each of these experiences informs the others as I analyze, learn and design solutions.Additionally, and equally rewarding, is the opportunity to simplify and improve my own workflows and iterative project process with each project, so I’m better able to serve my clients.

Forget the niche, give me more project variety!

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