Step Off The Carousel

Marcia Conner shared this yesterday, and the timing was perfect.

Finding direction in your life instead of moving along aimlessly will make everything that is attained along the way more meaningful. But first you have to step off the carousel so you can plot a course for moving forward.

The One Thing

There is no chance for real progress unless you find your purpose and prioritize. The hardest thing for us to do is stop. But when you step off the carousel, you can see the entire ride, and figure out which horse you want to be on.

I’ve been trying to step off for a while. Over the past few years, several of my friends have heard me say I’m taking the month of ___________ off to organize, prioritize, and plan. But it never happens. A week in the mountains with little connectivity was nice, but I was still going 100 miles per hour coordinating family activities and navigating snow storms.

I’m taking a day off next week, completely off and away from my house, jobs, commitments, to think and write about my purpose. I encourage you to find time — maybe not a day, maybe just an hour or two — to find clarity about your purpose and direction for the year.

Be well. Be nice. Do good work.

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