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I love to coach entrepreneurs and freelancers. I have worked independently in some way or another for my entire career. Leverage my experiences to help you start or improve your business. Schedule a free call with me today!

Websites, Branding, and Social Media

I have been using WordPress since version 1. It’s an excellent ecosystem for launching or improving your web presence. Learn more.

Small Business Tech – Your Virtual CTO

I play virtual CTO for a number of small businesses. Let me help you simplify your ecosystem, workflows, and processes, so you can do the work you love. Learn more.

You can also work with me and my colleagues through one of my other ventures:

Adventure Planning, Exploring, and Life Coaching at Drifter Life

Accessible, Inclusive Learning Ecosystems and Experience Design at Learning Ninjas

  • Accessible Elearning & Performance Support
  • Elearning Reviews
  • Learning Ecosystems
  • Experience API (xAPI) Solutions and Data Strategy

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