Hire Me To Help You Establish or Improve a Remote Working Program

There are plenty of quick hit articles out there about moving to remote work in the current situation. Most of them are decent. Some of them are ridiculous. I’m not here to review those articles or drop a bunch of keywords in here with top ten lists for remote working.

I am here to help.

As a long-time remote worker (20+ years) and a designer/tester/evaluator of a remote working program for a mid-size organization, and the founder and CTO of a fully distributed small business. I have the experience to help guide you through this process if you want some help.

If your company culture and hiring practices are solid, you’ll be fine. You simply need to add some infrastructure and support channels to ensure both you and your employees feel comfortable and supported. If you are worried about your employees doing work or want to lock them down or track them in some way, don’t call me.

If you truly want to empower your teams to continue to do excellent work, no matter where they are, or you have some positions that you’re not sure are possible for remote work, let’s chat. I can help.

If you have remote employees, but you think you could be doing more for them and with them, let’s chat.

Stay safe out there. Stay home if you can. Listen to the experts.

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