Sitting at the library. Spent the afternoon Force-quitting Safari and Firefox to close about 100 browser tabs that I’ll restore when I restart those apps later this week.

Working through Chrome now. Been at it for over an hour. 174 tabs remain. One hundred and seventy-four! Even for me, that is shockingly high. (I found this number by following this process). I’m a geek, I’m curious, and I love to learn, so I do a ton of research. The technology age generates a lot of interesting products, podcasts, blogs, creative studios, tutorials, memes, and all sorts of articles on time management and productivity, heh.

This is one of the ways I help people as a generalist. Today, it seems a bit overwhelming. Oh, crap. I just looked up “heh” on my Mac and clicked the Wikipedia link to learn more about “the personification of infinity or eternity in the Ogdoad in Egyptian mythology”. This re-opened Safari. Uh oh. The fans on my laptop are in overdrive. I may have also killed the internet at the library for everyone else as I attempt to load all those tabs at once. Oops.

I declare tab zero quite often. I used to have a fear of missing out on specific articles I had opened or tutorials, going to the extreme of saving browser sessions, but now I usually give up and figure if something I wanted to learn or read about was any good, I’ll be able to find it or someone else will curate it or simplify it for me in the future. Apparently, I haven’t executed the tab zero, close all browser windows process in a while.

Anyway, this is my afternoon. It was productive. I learned a lot. I sent quite a few tabs to Pinboard and Instapaper for later. I scheduled a few product tests for later in the summer, and I even got a bit of client work taken care of in between all that. I’m not sure I have any advice or lessons learned from this experience, but I had a dozen or so articles opened in tabs just from Rands website alone, and one of them was this post on “Tidying”, which inspired this post, and perhaps a series. Seems I’m doing a lot of tidying these days to create space for the new and the unknown.

This is me. Working out loud.


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