Dear New Yorker, and All Website Owners With Popups

This is not how you get me to subscribe. Holy overlays, batman! First, we have both a top and bottom pop-up. And that narrow space in the center? That’s not even the content from the article. It’s an ad. One that auto-plays. Horrible. Here, learn something about accessibility and usability. Okay, I’m going to close … Read more

Thoughts on Website Sliders or Carousels

Sliders, or carousels, were a recent topic of conversation with a few different clients and developers. My recommendation is NOT to use sliders unless your clients absolutely require it. And if they do require it, you should find a way to make sure the sliders never work, so that they don’t end up with sliders. Because … Read more

UX Companion App

Cyber-Duck is a London digital agency that has a strong focus on accessibility, which I appreciate. They’ve put out a clean little iOS app called UX Companion. It’s an excellent free resource for those of you who are just getting into user experience design. It’s also great for those of you who just want to … Read more