Sitting at the library. Spent the afternoon Force-quitting Safari and Firefox to close about 100 browser tabs that I’ll restore when I restart those apps later this week. Working through Chrome now. Been at it for over an hour. 174 tabs remain. One hundred and seventy-four! Even for me, that is shockingly high. (I found … Read more

Replacing Facebook

Last year I deactivated my Facebook account for a few months. This kept everything as is but turned off the ability for people to tag me and find my info when searching.
 I was generally just tired of the fake and the time suck it had become for me. I also wanted to experiment. Would … Read more

Spurious Correlations and Highcharts

I found Tyler Vigen’s site, Spurious Correlations, sometime a few months ago. I’ve back a few times and spent what some might consider an outrageous amount of time reviewing all the crazy correlations. I like the simple, interactive charts generated, and I was curious how they were built. I was curious, so I went geek mode with “Inspect Element” … Read more