Standing Desks

I once helped create ergonomics documentation and training for an organization I worked for. We covered how to sit properly, foot placement, monitor height, and proper wrist angles to prevent repetitive movement injuries and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. We didn’t talk about standing desks. I am not sure if that was because they weren’t … Read more

mLearnCon 2014

Here are the resources from my presentation at mLearnCon 2014 — “Using WordPress for Performance Support” Using WordPress for Performance Support: — Open Source platform — free hosted WordPress (limited theme and plugin installation) — example of responsive performance support A simple process to get started: Download and install Desktop Server Download and install … Read more

Learning Solutions WordPress Resources

Themes (help desk or knowledge base) WP Knowledge Base (Free) Collection of Knowledge Base themes ($) SupportDesk ($) Plugins BuddyPress (turns your site into a community) BuddyPress Docs (adds limited document collaboration) Documentation (great for documentation and performance support) WordPress Wiki (turns WordPress into a wiki) Zendesk (if you use an external support site through ZenDesk) … Read more