Is Intellectual Humility a Thing?

An interesting take on successful students being limited in real world workplaces: Google looks for the ability to step back and embrace other people’s ideas when they’re better. “It’s ‘intellectual humility.’ Without humility, you are unable to learn,” Bock says. “Successful bright people rarely experience failure, and so they don’t learn how to learn from … Read more

UX Companion App

Cyber-Duck is a London digital agency that has a strong focus on accessibility, which I appreciate. They’ve put out a clean little iOS app called UX Companion. It’s an excellent free resource for those of you who are just getting into user experience design. It’s also great for those of you who just want to … Read more

Check Your Rate

Freelance Switch used to have a great little calculator to help freelancers determine their rates. Envato now owns them and I’m not sure yet how I feel about that. I did come across YourRate the other day and I think it’s a nice little tool if you’re thinking about becoming a freelancer or simply want … Read more

The End of the Table

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been struggling with purpose, motivation, direction, and focus. Part of my problem simply comes down to poor planning, over commitment, and setting unrealistic expectations. It’s like a punch in the gut every time I look at my to do list and realize how much I have NOT accomplished. I’ve set … Read more

Life Of A Drifter

Doctor or lawyer, I’ll never be. Life of a drifter – only life for me. You can have your riches, all the gold you saved. Cause’ ain’t room for one thing in everybody’s grave. Clutch – “Electric Worry“ Ever since seeing Clutch at RiotFest in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, I haven’t been able to get these … Read more