Quick Tips for Launching a Business

Over the summer I’ve coached a few friends and some new freelancers that were referred to me. The goal: launching their new business or taking their freelance practice to the next level. I love helping people in this way and learning about their unique talents and experiences. I’ll post a link to each of their … Read more

World Backup Day 2020

It’s that time of year again: where I remind everyone to back up their shit and one or two of you listen to my beautiful, unsolicited advice. Millions of photos (mostly terrible selfies)… Those old MP3s you ripped (or STOLE) twenty years ago… tax returns… files you don’t even want to know about but have … Read more

Responsive Conference 2019

I’m heading to Responsive Conference this week. The future of work, employee and customer experience, culture, change management, ethics, etc. are on my mind. Learning Ninjas was founded on the principle of collaboration, giving back, and creating opportunities for everyone to learn. I often struggle to find the words to describe what I do, what … Read more

We Live and Work in Amazing Times

Recommended song: Life in Marvelous Times – Mos Def Wherever you ride, whatever your name, This raw cold life is a beautiful thing. Today I had the pleasure of working with a good friend on requirements for an analysis tool. The outcome of this project will lead to significant improvements in patient experiences. Making something … Read more

On Tap This Week

Here’s what I’m up to this week: Helping LINGOs with their learning technology strategy Deploying a New Rainmaker site for a friend/client Updating the Learning Ninjas website with some new products Implementing Bloom and iThemes Exchange in WordPress for a client selling ebooks Working with several Learning Ninjas to build a scenario-based learning discovery game … Read more

Be Your True, Passionate Self

This is an excellent rant by Umair Haque. What’s the point? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do you think you can’t break the cycle. You don’t have to settle. Such a carefully sophisticated engine of human misery; of finessed cruelty; all to rake in a few extra pennies an hour, at the … Read more

Procrastination Strategies

I came across this great article on Vox yesterday, and I actually read it instead of send it over to Instapaper to “read later.” The psychology of procrastination is fascinating. But psychologists see procrastination as a misplaced coping mechanism, as an emotion-focused coping strategy…For some people, it feels totally involuntary, like they can’t help themselves. … Read more