Efficient Technology

Building a technology ecology from small iterative deployments of specific tools, with a throw away mentality that allows more constant adaptation, driven by ongoing conversations with users is the only way to do technology efficiently… All that is stopping us doing this inside our organisations is a combination of complacency, lack of imagination, and greed. […]

Savor It

Dolphins by Taro Taylor

Next time something good happens, stop whatever you are doing, give it a second and appreciate that moment. – Eric Barker: “The Simple Thing That Makes the Happiest People in the World So Happy” Dave Gray shared this post today, and it reminded me of our family trip to Destin in 2012. It was the […]

The New, Simplified Duce

Whew! I am finally writing this post. I’ve finally taken a little time out from thinking about other people’s businesses to focus on my own. And, I’m finally eating my own dog food and simplifying my own work, blog, processes, etc. in order to clean things up, consolidate, and better serve my clients. Thomas the […]