We Live and Work in Amazing Times

Recommended song: Life in Marvelous Times – Mos Def

Wherever you ride, whatever your name,
This raw cold life is a beautiful thing.

Today I had the pleasure of working with a good friend on requirements for an analysis tool. The outcome of this project will lead to significant improvements in patient experiences. Making something that impacts someone’s life? That’s amazing!

Earlier this week, I worked with two other friends on visual design for an elearning project. The goal is to improve the amount and quality of investment for an entire segment of employees. That’s amazing!

Currently, I’m sitting at a coffee shop designing a presentation for tonight’s rotary meeting. I am speaking about the impact rugby has had on my life, and how we can grow the sport in the local area. I am enjoying the good weather while I work. That’s amazing!

As we sit (or stand) here cranking out work, I want to remind you all about the amazing time we live in. Think about who you get to talk to, work with, and learn from on a daily basis. Think about the people you are helping. And give yourself credit for making things people need.

If you think this doesn’t apply to you, maybe it’s time for a change. Is what you’re doing having the impact you want to have? On your life or the lives of others? Is what you spend most of your time doing resulting in the outcome(s) you want? Do you get to work with the people you’ve always wanted to work with? Your mentors? Your heroes? Your friends?

You may not love your job, but it gives you the money you need to travel. Cool. There’s your win. Maybe you hate your job, but you get to work with cool people. Okay. Another win. The job is decent, but you don’t feel like you’re having an impact? Change the job or add an activity outside of work where you can see that impact. Volunteer. Donate. Make something. Start a group project with friends or mentors and see where it goes. You’re in control.

Want some help? Let me know. I love talking to people about their passions and how they can make them a larger percentage of their time.

Most of all, be well. Be generous to yourself and to others. And be thankful.


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    • Thanks for stopping by, Bill. Life is what you make of it each day, I suppose. Some days are better than others. But each day is an opportunity to do something amazing!



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