Whether you’re looking for a trusted guide with years of small business and enterprise technology experience, or a hands-on partner to analyze and simplify your business, I want to be the guy you call first.

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Who Am I?

Brian Thinking at Coffee Shop in Austin, Texas in Fall 2017.
Picture courtesy of Aaron Silvers

I am Brian Dusablon. Most people call me Duce (and, in games and forums, Motherduce). I’m a dad, coach, geek, athlete, entrepreneur, volunteer, designer. I care about usability and accessibility for the web, learning and mobile. I love rugby, Apple, WordPress, the Cubs, motorcycles and craft beer.

I run this consulting company, Duce Enterprises, where I help businesses simplify, improve, and perform. I focus primarily on technology and content strategy for small businesses.

I’m also a Learning Ninja, which I founded to help people create more inclusive, accessible, and measurable learning solutions. With Learning Ninjas, I act as CTO and manage our people, philanthropy, and purpose.

You can learn more from my resume.

You can also find me here: Twitter · Facebook · LinkedIn · Untappd

I believe we all have a social responsibility to help others.