World Backup Day 2020

It’s that time of year again: where I remind everyone to back up their shit and one or two of you listen to my beautiful, unsolicited advice.

Millions of photos (mostly terrible selfies)… Those old MP3s you ripped (or STOLE) twenty years ago… tax returns… files you don’t even want to know about but have to keep anyway for reasons you’ll never reveal (until whiskey)… that one epic rugby action photo you want to put in a shadow box but never will get around to…

It’s World Backup Day, and it’s important. So take the pledge, secure your files and memories. Ensure your business has a continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Because tech breaks. Phones die. Computer hard drives fail (yeah, even SSDs) and kids spill sodas and adults spill beer and coffee on devices ALL. THE. TIME. But mostly, tech just breaks because it is designed to. And you need to be prepared.

If you want some help, let me know!

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