This Week in Browsing #012

Hyperbolic discounting

“Hyperbolic discounting is the human tendency to choose “smaller-sooner” rewards over “larger-later” rewards because of a lack of patience to wait for the larger reward.”

“When you procrastinate, you opt for the instant gratification of enjoying yourself rather than the future reward of accomplishing the things you set out to do.”

“Hyperbolic discounting: Why you make terrible life choices” – Lakshmi Mani

Good news! We can help ourselves overcome this cognitive bias by acknowledging it. Understand this is part of being a human being. Account for it in your planning and thinking. And, cut yourself a break every once in a while.

The Book Board Project: If I Couldn’t Fail

Baron Fig took some blank notebooks to the city and asked people, “what would you do if you couldn’t fail?” Most responses are wonderful. Humans have so much potential if we could just break free of the expectations and societal constraints. (link opens in new window)

I have been thinking a lot about this lately as I consider corporate employment vs. entrepreneurship and what that means for the freedoms I enjoy now, commutes, etc. I truly think we have can seize opportunity in any situation, but we stay in bad situations too often and for far too long. Comparing perceived risk(s) to actual risk(s) is an important activity. If you’re considering something risky, I’d love to chat about it with you, so please contact me.

Accessibility From The Beginning

“The longer you wait to incorporate accessibility, the greater the chance that your product will be inaccessible (or at least expensive and time-consuming to retrofit). When you start immediately, you can iterate, test, learn, and end up with a stronger—and more accessible—product.”

Derek Featherstone – How to get started on accessibility before you even have a product

Meeting Culture Drives Corporate Culture

“Meeting culture is highly toxic. Think of it as a gateway drug for employee apathy. One bad experience leads to another. And another. A single unproductive meeting results in unestablished aims, objectives, and outputs – wasted time and money. But they also inflict another, deeper wound: a cultural one.”

Thomas Sugar – Forget Fancy Perks. Change Your Meeting Culture To Keep Talent

Happy Friday

I hope you’re all doing okay out there. Be kind. Love one another. Stay home.

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