This Week in Browsing #011

I got 99 Problems, palsy is just one – Maysoon Zayid

I hope we see more representation of all kinds of humans in all forms of media and content – web, Hollywood, training videos and scenarios. It’s long overdue.

“I will love myself despite the ease with which I lean towards the opposite.”

The Science of Well Being: A Free Online Course From Yale

“Letting go can be difficult, but it gives us the space we need in life for what matters. When we let go of fear, expectations, distractions, and regrets, we gain qualities that are much more valuable. We gain bravery, acceptance, focus, and forgiveness, and these qualities will carry us far in life.”

Andrew Rocha – Let it Go: What’s Holding You Back?

This involves a subtle, but important, changing of perspective, as we blend data-based insight with human experience and intuition to develop a cooperative understanding. We need to bring an open mind to what data can tell us that we cannot necessarily see (in this case, the cow is ill, but it’s not yet visible to the eye). Once alerted, we can react, using our skills and historical knowledge. But first we must trust the data and analytics to provide an early warning flag that we can trust. 

Jen Bennett – “When Data Doesn’t Add Up” in Forbes

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