The New, Simplified Duce

Whew! I am finally writing this post. I’ve finally taken a little time out from thinking about other people’s businesses to focus on my own. And, I’m finally eating my own dog food and simplifying my own work, blog, processes, etc. in order to clean things up, consolidate, and better serve my clients.

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Welcome to, the simplified website for all things Duce. I’m making it easier than ever for you to work with me and reducing the administrative overhead for myself so I get to spend more time helping others, rather than figuring out pricing, writing complex proposals, and so forth.

Additionally, I’m bringing my blog over here. I’ve struggled over the last few years with where I should write certain posts – on the personal blog or on the business blog – and I ended up writing almost everything at my personal site, or just not writing at all. Moving forward, all that moves here – everything – even the more personal posts. This may not be standard “business” practice, but I am my business. My thoughts are mine and those of my business, because we’re one in the same. Plus, it keeps things simple for me, which is better for you.

So, when you think of Brian Dusablon, a.k.a. Duce, this is the place to be. Welcome! I look forward to writing more now that decisions are easier, and publishing a resource-rich newsletter once a month. You can sign up for that at the bottom of this page.

To all my clients and family and friends, I say thank you. It’s been an incredible 18 months since I took Duce Enterprises full time, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. To potential clients, blog subscribers, and Twitter followers, I encourage you to sign up for the newsletter and/or blog updates for some excellent content.


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