Shovels and Rope

Halloween night, while most folks were taking kids out trick or treating, or handing out candy to said trick or treaters, I stole away for a little concert at Fitzgerald’s. My only regret is that nobody joined me – my extra ticket went unused – because this was an outstanding show.

Willy Watson led off the evening with some funky, twangy folk music, mixing banjo and guitar with a little harmonica and some serious vocals. The dude can sing.

Shovels and Rope came out looking like they were coming off the set of Beetlejuice, and slowly “came alive” as the evening progressed, mostly because they were rocking so hard they sweated the makeup right off. These two are amazing. Totally in sync with each other and completely interchangeable on instruments, which I always find to be an extra level of awesome.

Thanks to Judy and Al for the recommendation. Fitzgerald’s is a nice, small venue that serves good beer. I’ll be back. And, if you see S&R in your town, check them out. They’re talented and entertaining.


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