Oooohh Shiny

The pace of technology is extreme and accelerating.

I have never considered myself a coder or developer. I am an applier of technology. Early in life, I explored bleeding-edge technologies as they rolled out. I was curious. I wanted to learn all about these new tools. As I grew in my career, I continued to explore new technologies for client projects. I also reviewed technology for internal process improvement and side projects.

These days, I often feel like I cannot keep up. I still need to know about emerging technologies to help clients and to learn how to teach people. When I see something interesting I still attempt to research it, or at least open it in a new browser tab. It is often overwhelming, hence my 174-tab issue from a few days ago. Sites like Product Hunt help, along with a trusted network of blogs and websites. They help me determine what is vaporware or short-lived and what is useful and likely to stick around. My challenge comes in deciding which technologies to test and which ones to skip.

If I’m lucky, I have a client who has a problem I’m trying to solve and I will explore technologies that might help. Other times, I need to reserve time for research and developing insights. Sometimes, this will get my in trouble. I try to avoid the crazy rabbit trail I may follow when I visit sites like Product Hunt. So many cool ideas surface every day and I can get lost in 50 tabs of new tech to explore. Whoa!

Fortunately, my obsession with new, shiny technologies can be valuable. I become a buffer and curator for clients and colleagues. Earlier today I emailed some friends about two new products (Loom for video and Anchor for podcasting) I thought might help them. They are entrepreneurial and want to streamline their existing workflows. In my effort to learn something new each day and to help someone each day, I find harmony in this process.

If you love technology and have the same problem I do, then embrace it and let’s chat. I’d love to compare techniques for filtering and processing. If you love technology and how it can help your project, but you can’t keep up, subscribe or contact me. If you’re unsure about technology, but know you need it, I can help.

Until then… “Look! Squirrel!”

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