On Writing in 2016

As this year winds down, I find myself with some free designated time for writing for the first time in a while. This time is invaluable to me. It’s therapy. It’s a creative outlet. It’s making. And sometimes, it’s helpful.

I used to write a lot more. I also used to have a job at a company that challenged me less than I am now, where I wore fewer hats than I wear now, and where a significant part of my job required research. So, I researched. And I asked questions. And I wrote.

Since I took Duce Enterprises full time in 2012 and started shifting and scaling Learning Ninjas in 2015, I have filled my time with things other than writing. I have done a ton of research, but I have not dedicated time to openly reflect on that research. I have worked on some pretty amazing projects, but I have not dedicated time to share those stories, nor what I learned from them.

A friend of mine told me a few months ago, “maybe the reason you don’t write is because you don’t actually enjoy writing.” I sometimes wish this were the case. Writing is hard work, and can be far from enjoyable at times. I have made several attempts over the past few years to create assignments for myself (see the failed incomplete “20 Things I’m Thankful For” series from 2015) to prompt more writing. But, the real problem is that in recent years I have not scheduled much time to write. Not only time, but unrelentingly unavailable time that I dedicate only to writing.

This year was supposed to be different. And it was. Just not in the way I thought it would be. I did a lot of things in 2016. I parented. I traveled. I learned. I played. I taught. I coached. I reviewed. I prepared. I keynoted. I designed. I created. I launched. I volunteered. I donated. I helped.

But, I did not write.

There’s Always Next Year

In 2017, I will write. I’ll probably write so much you’ll get tired of it and unsubscribe. And that’s okay, because I write for me, first.

And I need this.

I’ll be writing about projects, big and small. I’ll be writing about cool technology that helps me run my businesses. I’ll be writing about processes. I’ll be writing about accessibility and universal design. I’ll be writing about new endeavors. I’ll be writing about ideas I’ve had for so long that now I’m ready to give them away. I’ll be writing about adventures. I’ll be writing about life.

So, now that you’re prepared, I’m curious. What else would you have me write? What do you need help with? What information can I provide for you? I’m crowdsourcing some extra writing assignments.

Leave a comment below or email me your ideas or questions.

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