Life Of A Drifter

Doctor or lawyer, I’ll never be.
Life of a drifter – only life for me.
You can have your riches, all the gold you saved.
Cause’ ain’t room for one thing in everybody’s grave.

Clutch – “Electric Worry

Ever since seeing Clutch at RiotFest in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, I haven’t been able to get these lyrics out of my head.

I fit no particular mold. I can’t come up with an appropriate job title. I have no specific niche. Most marketing gurus will tell you that’s not going to get me anywhere.

When people asked me what I did when we were introduced at Circles Conference this past week, the only answer I had was, “a lot of things.” And I’m okay with that. I help people, businesses and non-profits in many ways, but no one specific way. The jack-of-all-trades role suits me well because I can mix it up. As I wrote back in April, I strive for variety.

I quit my job two years ago to pursue no particular goal other than independence and freedom with a passion for helping people. So maybe that’s my niche – drifting around helping people with whatever they need in that moment.

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