Keep Going and Find the Others

I cannot love this enough. As I embark upon another “crazy” idea, I am thankful for friends, family, and colleagues who are tribe. They encourage, listen, and support me. It took some time to find most of them. So, if you’re still uncertain, keep going and find the others.

You have to sit directly in the tragic gaps and trust that God will come through. Or if not God, quantum entanglements. Or if not quantum entanglements, your own subconscious — sacred, maladjusted, pattern-keeping perfection.

It’s as simple and as complex as that. You’re the only you that’s ever been. Keep showing up despite the chaos. Be humble in the pursuit of your art and ruthless about finding the time to make it. Find friends with whom you can weather the tragic gaps. Give one another loving, honest feedback and teach each other how to make money in weird, sustaining ways. Collaborate and commiserate. Make relationships that are reciprocal, not transactional. Make lives that aren’t easy, but rife with good material. Make art that matters.

Courtney Martin

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