Efficient Technology

Building a technology ecology from small iterative deployments of specific tools, with a throw away mentality that allows more constant adaptation, driven by ongoing conversations with users is the only way to do technology efficiently… All that is stopping us doing this inside our organisations is a combination of complacency, lack of imagination, and greed.

Euan Semple — “A Different Approach to Enterprise Technology”

Time and time again, I see organizations (large and small) that were sold a large enterprise platform, and spent a fortune getting it implemented, only to find they use about 10% of the features. In most cases, it’s also a pretty miserable user experience for administrators, end users and managers. Some examples might include learning management systems (LMS), talent management systems, and SharePoint. While I have seen these systems used effectively and efficiently, it’s rare.

So, how do you avoid this common pitfall? Simple: deploy smaller, laser-focused tools that do one thing very well, and integrate them. Open a dialogue with those most heavily dependent on these systems first, not those with purchasing power. Think usability and accessibility over brand names and status quo.

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