This Week in Browsing #012

Hyperbolic discounting “Hyperbolic discounting is the human tendency to choose “smaller-sooner” rewards over “larger-later” rewards because of a lack of patience to wait for the larger reward.” “When you procrastinate, you opt for the instant gratification of enjoying yourself rather than the future reward of accomplishing the things you set out to do.” “Hyperbolic discounting: … Read more

This Week in Browsing #011

I hope we see more representation of all kinds of humans in all forms of media and content – web, Hollywood, training videos and scenarios. It’s long overdue. “I will love myself despite the ease with which I lean towards the opposite.” The Science of Well Being: A Free Online Course From Yale “Letting go … Read more

This Week in Browsing #010 resource site with tools and tutorials for “doing” tech without knowing how to code. “It is unquestionably a bad thing that we carry out much of our online lives within a data-mining apparatus that sells influence to the highest bidder.” – Adrian Chen: “Cambridge Analytica and Our Lives Inside the Surveillance Machine“ Most of … Read more

This Week in Browsing #009

Kurt Vonnegut’s Eight Rules for Writing a Short Story Deadwood, the Movie Yes! This show deserved many more seasons. “Every once in a while it’s a lot, but if I don’t feel overwhelmed and I feel like we have enough time to do everything, then yeah, I find it really stimulating and invigorating. I’m pretty … Read more

This Week in Browsing – #006

A Rallying Cry for the Weird Wild Web ChartURL – useful. Parcl – When _____ doesn’t deliver to your country. Make it so. Netflix Party Nice Chrome extension for syncing up with friends when watching a movie. Eero WiFi Simple, house-wide WiFi Pexels Search free stock photos from one place. Placeholders Simple placeholder images for your project. Website … Read more

This Week in Browsing – #005

Design Color/Colour Blindness Simulator Entrepreneurship Live in Days, Work in Months “Plan to work in months and you will set yourself on a path to not only working in months, but also to vactioning and travelling in months.” I dig this idea. Key Lessons [in Delegation] You can’t achieve growth without help. Delegating is something we … Read more

This Week in Browsing – #004

User Experience The Unsubscribe Experience Needs To Be Improved Absolutely. Don’t hide it. Don’t make me “update email preferences”. Just let me leave. I’m going to leave anyway, so why make my experience painful upon departure? That just guarantees I’ll never come back. Business You Need Help Indeed. We all try to control every aspect … Read more

This Week in Browsing – #003

Simplify The Simple Floating House Nice. Simple. Efficient. Technology Design Disruptors A documentary about how design became the new language of business. Nima Gluten Sensor I have several friends who suffer from celiac disease. This might be good for them, and others. Travel RouteHappy Search for flights or check out a scheduled flight to see … Read more