20 Things I’m Thankful For #3 – Music

I love music. All kinds. Live. Recorded. Analog. Digital. Rock. Blues. Rap. Country. Classical. It doesn’t matter. I just love music.

I’ve played the clarinet. I’ve sung in choirs. I’ve tried to learn the guitar and the ukulele (though to be honest, not very hard). I can occasionally be coerced into singing karaoke with the right group of friends.

In 2014, I found live music again after a long time away. I went to a variety of incredible live music events and venues: Soulshine Pizza (Nashville songwriters), Blind Bear in Memphis (Eric Hughes Band), Humboldt Park (RiotFest – OMG CLUTCH!), Fitzgerald’s Upstairs (Shovels and Rope), Gruene Dancehall (Seth Walker Band, Trombone Shorty), Crystal Ballroom in Portland (Lily Allen), Roseland Theatre in Portland (DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist – Renegades of Rhythm Tour), House of Blues Houston (Pretty Reckless, Adelitas Way) and a few others. It was an amazing year of live music.

Somehow I’ve lost my way and have only seen Clutch in Austin in January and a concert in the park this summer. But I’m getting back on track before the end of the year and will catch at least one more show.

Music ignites you. Music informs you. Music inspires you. Music stirs your soul. Music brings people together. Music makes people move.

Road trips. Workspaces. Coffee shops. Bars. Clubs. Parties. Video games. Movies. None of these would be the same without music.

Sometimes, I love silence. Sometimes, I just want to sit and listen to the world. Sometimes, I want to hear everything that’s going on around me. Mostly, though, I want music.

Music helps me work. Music helps me write (Buxton is on right now). Music helps me cry. Music helps me learn. Music helps me cope. Music helps me teach. Music helps me communicate.

Music helps me live.

Thank you, music.

This is #3 in my 20 Things I’m Thankful For Series.

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