20 Things I’m Thankful For #1 – WordPress

I’m thankful for WordPress.

More specifically, I’m thankful for all the people who have contributed to its creation, sustainment, and growth. I owe a lot to the WordPress community. I have found many voices through blogs created with this amazing open source software. We take it for granted, and there are certainly other options, but none have provided as many voices that I’ve heard and listened to as WordPress.

I have built a business around WordPress. It allows me to support all kinds of organizations and individuals with simple content management systems and blogs that we can deploy quickly and extend as needed. This model of extensibility has given life to many projects that might never have seen the light of day because of cost constraints or other software’s limitations. Much like hearing “there’s an app for that,” with WordPress you can usually say, “there’s a plugin for that.”

My kids, and several of my friends’ kids, have used WordPress to share their words and creativity with the world. I’ve helped non-profits use it to broadcast their message and generate support. I’ve helped build community sites, launched a podcast network, and replaced clunky Learning Management Systems with responsive performance support platforms. All thanks to WordPress. The statistics are there for you to ponder, but 12+ years and running, this has been my tool of choice for publishing to the web. It’s simple. It’s extensible. It’s easy to design for. It’s accessible. Perhaps most importantly, it’s not Blogger. 🙂

So, thanks WordPress. Here’s to another dozen years.

This is #1 in my 20 Things I’m Thankful For Series.

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