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The Process

Whatever your project is, we will take this approach to help you succeed and establish continuous improvement.


We start with discovery to better understand your current challenges, break them down, and identify business goals.


Next, we design short-term plans for optimization and long-term strategies for continuous performance improvement.


Finally, we measure performance and evaluate how our improvements are affecting your bottom line.

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Take My Money: Transmit 5

First things first. Go buy this. Now. It's $10 off ($35) for just a few more days. What is Transmit? Transmit is one of those apps, and Panic is one of those companies, where I rarely even read the actual feature list for a new …

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Be Interested If You Want To Be Interesting

From Politico, the most interesting man in the world, on how to be interesting. I can say with certainty that to be interesting you have to be interested. You can watch the parade that is life—and live vicariously through others, as many …

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On Writing in 2016

As this year winds down, I find myself with some free designated time for writing for the first time in a while. This time is invaluable to me. It's therapy. It's a creative outlet. It's making. And sometimes, it's helpful. I used to …

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